Best Ways to Compare Moving Companies

Moving day is getting closer and there are many moving companies out there. But which one will be the best for you? Hiring movers randomly won’t work because there are so many criteria to consider. Your mover partner must be reliable, affordable and experienced.
My Moving Cost Team gathered some information for you regarding best ways to compare moving companies.

There are four main points to pay attention while comparing moving companies:
1- Compare moving company prices
2- Compare moving company services
3- Compare movers` professionalism
4- Compare moving company reviews

Compare Moving Companies

1- Compare moving company prices

The first step to comparing professional moving companies is to request moving estimates.
There are two ways here:

  •  If you are dealing with local movers, you must ask for an in-home estimation. This
    means, moving company visits your home in person, checks your belongings so they can do a visual in-home inspection. Actually, this is the best way to get an accurate moving quote. Because you can discuss every single detail with the moving company inspector in person. If you have special items to be packed, overweight items to be handled with care or if you need appliance services, the inspector will include all these extra services in the moving quote so you will not have any bad surprises at the end.
  •  If you are dealing with a moving company that is not able to give an in-home estimation service, you can ask for an online estimation. Most moving companies have online moving estimation tools. When you fill out that form with the items you have, you will be able to see the approximate weight of your goods. The moving company you are dealing with will be able to give you an estimation with the weight information plus extra services you need.

2- Compare moving company services

When you compare professional moving companies, you must take a closer look at the services they offer. Some of the services are already included in the total cost such as loading/unloading the truck or wrapping furniture with padded moving blankets. But some services will cost extra such as appliance services, special item packing, heavy item handling, custom crating…etc. When the moving company sends you a written estimation, they must
mention all the services that are included in the price and that are not clearly.

Compare moving company services

3- Compare movers` professionalism

Checking moving companies` professionalism and trustworthiness is another important point to focus on while comparing movers. First of all, you can check their licensing information. By law, all of the moving companies have to be licensed by the Government. Second of all, accreditation by the Better Business Bureau is another important indicator that you are dealing with a trustworthy moving and storage company.

4- Compare moving company reviews

We strongly recommend you to check what other customers had said about the moving companies that are competing for your moving job. You will get a good idea when you check the overall rating and the reviews that are written about the moving companies.

Finally, small details make a lot of sense so here are some questions you should ask yourself while comparing moving companies;

  •  Were the movers able to answer all your questions?
  • How responsive and polite were the movers?
  • Did the movers offer you a competitive and a reasonable price?
  •  Were the movers able to provide all the extra services you needed?
  •  Were you offered insurance for your valuable items?
    My Moving Cost Team is always ready to assist you to compare moving companies. Please contact us before you hire movers.

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