Cost Related Questions You Should Ask To Moving Companies

Moving may sound simple to most of us but there are so many details that all we must be aware of and discuss ahead of time with the moving company that we picked. We all want to find the best professional mover according the services we require and pay within our budget. There are hundreds of reviews about moving companies that are mentioning ” extra cost, surprise fees, last minute charges, paying double/triple of the original quote…etc.” To avoid any frustration during your move, the first thing you should do is to confirm all the pricing details in writing. Here are a couple of questions that need to be asked even before we confirm their service

Do you move belongings according to the weight or give flat rate?

If the answer is according to the weight, you should know at which scaling location they will weigh your goods and then, you should ask for an official scale ticket. If the answer is according to the flat rate, you should ask them to send an estimator to your house/apartment and give you a proper flat rate. If the moving company that you picked does not give this service, then send them a list of the goods that you have and ask for an accurate price.

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Does the quote that you send us include packing service?

Actually, this is very important to know ahead of time. Because packing is a big part your entire move. If the moving company includes all packing service in the quote that they sent, it is great, you don’t need to worry about it. Some movers include partial packing in their quotes; they wrap only furniture with moving blankets and you pack all of the small and personal items. And some movers don’t include packing service in the quote at all so this means you will be paying extra if you require packing service.

Does the quote that you send us include insurance?

Insurance is extremely important while moving because we never know what will happen during transportation. There might be an accident, fire, flood, earthquake…So you may end up with damaged or lost items. In this case, insurance must cover your loss. Most of the van lines provide full coverage but smaller movers do not provide any full or partial coverage so you must find out this important detail before you confirm any services from any moving companies.

Do you have any surprise/hidden charges?

Unfortunately, there are so many moving companies around that charge extra fees at the end. While you are dealing with a sales representative, they never mention this but when you receive your bill, you find out some charges that you were not informed at all! This can be warehouse handling fee, fuel charge, stairs fee, long carry, minimum weight charge….etc. Asking about surprise or last-minute charges right at the beginning and getting answers in writing will help to avoid these kinds of problems.

It is important to deal with certified, professional moving companies. That’s why we are here to connect you only with the best movers!

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