Do You Need Moving Insurance?

When it comes to moving, we put all our worldly possessions in boxes and ship them to our new homes. Then we all start to worry about the conditions of our belongings. If it is a local move, it is faster and easier than a long-distance move. Also, there is a higher risk of accidents if we are moving cross country. At this point, we all question about insurance. Let`s check some details regarding moving insurance…

insurance and moving

It is totally understandable if you are nervous about your household goods when moving long distance. Yes, you dealt with a couple of moving companies, compared their prices and services and finally found the best mover for your upcoming move. Thankfully most of the time everything goes smoothly and moving companies bring our shipment safely to your new homes. But you never know what will happen during transportation. Also, if you have a lot of antiques, special or expensive items, you should definitely consider about getting moving insurance.
When you are searching for the best ways to compare moving companies, you should ask this question to the professional moving companies you are dealing with: What kind of liability do you provide? Certified movers should offer at least a couple of liability options for you to choose from.

Don’t forget to check your home insurance policy before moving

Before you go ahead and buy moving insurance, we kindly recommend you to check your home insurance policy if you are already covered or not. It is important to know that policies vary from company to company. Some policies cover household goods when there is a disaster but not in transit, some policies cover household goods when movers are packing your goods.

Couple more important points to consider about moving insurance

  •  In Canada, under transportation law, the moving company is not responsible for carrying items that have extraordinary value unless the value is declared.
  •  You can purchase moving company`s replacement value protection. In this case, this protection will cover your belongings for any loss or damage.
  •  Usually mover`s liability is 0.60 cents per pound. So, if you don’t prefer to purchase replacement value protection, you should confirm how much your mover is liable for any damage or loss.
  • If you do the packing of your belongings, the moving company will not be responsible for any damaged or lost items.
  • Verify the details regarding filing a claim with your moving company.
insurance and moving 3

More tips to protect your move

– Taking photos of your belongings before the move will help a lot if you end up with any damaged items. If you need to file a claim to your moving company, you can use these photos as a proof.

– If you have issues regarding any damaged or lost items, don’t wait and file a claim as soon as possible.

– File your claim in writing with every detail and photos.

– If you are doing the packing job, do it very carefully. Make sure to use the right packing supplies and don’t forget to put labels and notes on the boxes. Give information to the movers regarding fragile items, electronics or valuable ones.

Are you ready to compare professional moving company rates?

If you are moving and ready to hire movers or have any questions regarding moving insurance, get in touch with My Moving Cost Team. Our experienced moving specialists will be happy to assist you to find the right moving company for your upcoming move.

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