FAQ- Frequently Asked Moving Questions

To help you plan your next move more efficiently, My Moving Cost Team put together some of the frequently asked moving questions for you. If you need more information please contact with us.


Q: What should I ask to the moving companies before I accept any deals?

A: There are a couple of very important questions to ask to the moving and storage companies before making any deals:
– How long has the moving company been in business?
– Does the moving service provide a free in-home estimation?
– Is the moving company fully insured?
– Is the moving company certified?
– What moving services are included in the estimation?
– What are the extra services that movers offer?

Q: When should I book my move?

A: The answer to this question is simple: as soon as possible.

Q: Do I need to put down a deposit when I book my move?

A: Most of the moving companies don’t require deposit if it is a local move but if it is a long- distance move, you may be asked to put a small amount of deposit upon booking.

Q: How much will my move cost?

A: The cost of your move totally depends on either you are planning a local move or a cross country move. If it is a local move, the total cost will be calculated on an hourly basis. If it is a cross country move, the cost will be calculated based on the weight of your belongings. In both local moves and long-distance moves, you will be charged extra for any extra services you require such as full packing, unpacking, long carry, appliance services…etc.

Q: What method of payment do moving companies accept?

A: Actually, the answer of this question varies from moving company to moving company. But, most movers accept cash, credit card, bank draft, certified cheque, money order.

Q: Is packing included in the moving estimation?

A: Most relocation companies include furniture wrapping with padded moving blankets in their estimations and they mention this. But if you need your small and personal items to be packed or if you need any special items to be packed, this will cost extra.


Q: How do cross country movers and cross border movers weigh shipments? Can I see a proof of my shipment`s weight?

A: Before the movers pick up your household goods, they go to a certified scale and weigh the empty truck. And, right after they pick up your household goods, they to the certified scale and weigh the full truck. The weight difference between the empty and full truck will be equal to your shipment`s weight. The moving company has to give you a copy of the scale ticket. Also, if you want, you can be present during this process.

Q: Will the moving company move my pet?

A: No. Moving companies are not to move pets. Please read Things Movers Are Not Allowed to Carry for more information.

Q: What time will the movers arrive on the moving day?

A: The moving company will contact with you one day before the moving day and give you a time frame.

Q: Do moving companies offer any discounts?

A: Most of the moving companies offer special discounts such as seniors discount, military discount, student discount…etc.

Q: How long does it take to complete my move?

A: This totally depends on the size of your shipment, distance between origin and destination, time of the year, weather conditions…etc. But the moving company you hire will give you more specific information upon booking.

Q: What if I am not ready to receive my shipment yet?

A: You should inform your movers as soon as you figure out you are not ready for the delivery. So, they can keep your belongings in their storage facility and organise the re-delivery when you are ready to receive your goods.

Q: What is a bill of lading?

A: It is a contract between you and the moving company. They are supposed to give it to you before they start loading the truck.

Q: Do moving companies do price match?

A: Not necessarily but you can still ask your movers for a price match.

Are you ready to book your move?

If you are ready to book your upcoming move or if you have any further questions regarding
moving companies or their services, please contact with My Moving Cost Team.

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