How To Choose The Right Transportation Company For Your Upcoming Long-distance Move

From packing up all your items to picking the best mover for yourself and/or family, moving time is stressful. And if you are moving long distance, it is even more stressful. Especially choosing the moving company part.

There are a couple steps that you can follow

Step 1: Before you go ahead and book with a transportation company, make sure to get quotes from different movers. This will help you to compare the prices so then you can plan your budget and save accordingly. Also, you can compare the services that are offered by different relocation services.


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Step 2: Every single consumer needs different services

Some might need packing service, some might need full insurance or go with the cheapest mover. Receiving quotes from different moving companies is really helpful.

Step 3: The other important thing is if the moving company is providing insurance for your belongings or not. Let`s say you are moving Canada wide, from Toronto, ON to Vancouver, BC and when you receive your goods, there are some damages. If the moving company is providing insurance you are lucky because you will be compensated. If not, those damaged items will be junk!

Step 4: The other way to get to know a transportation company is to read their reviews. Over the phone, all the sales representatives are super nice, friendly and helpful. But are they really in real life? One of the best ways to sort this out is to read reviews of their previous customers. This will give you a great idea about the their services.

Step 5: Also, you should ask them if they move people by their own trucks/ trailers or subcontract. This is happening quite a lot.

For example, you are moving from Montreal, QC to Edmonton, AB and dealing with a mover. They say they are able to pick up your goods from Montreal, QC and deliver them to Edmonton, AB but the question is ” Do they have terminals in these cities or nearby? “. Or ” Are they subcontracting this job? “. it is always better to go with a mover that handles your move from A to Z by themselves.

Good luck with your upcoming move 🙂

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