How To Cope With Moving Stress?

Moving is a life changing event in all of our lives. We leave our home, friends, families, the environment that we are used to live in and start over in a new place. That’s why moving is considered as a very stressful process that people go through at least a couple of times in a life time.
Here comes the question; moving is stressful but do we know how to cope with moving stress?
My Moving Cost Team gathered some helpful information about coping with the moving stress, please keep reading…

How To Cope With Moving Stress?

1- Be well organised

One of the main reasons of the moving stress is not being well organised. You are in a process of a long distance move and there are so many things to do and organise. The best way to make moving less stressful is to plan everything ahead of time. We highly recommend you to make a moving checklist and write down everything that needs to be done before the moving day. You should note everything from finding a professional moving service to making a new lease agreement.

2- Don’t ignore the moving stress and have a positive mindset

Ignoring the moving stress or thinking it as a negative and a very stressful process will definitely make everything worse. The best thing to do is to accept it. Stress is a natural human response to some circumstances but you can turn the energy to positive if you set an positive mindset.

3- Hire a professional moving company

You prepared a moving checklist and first thing to do is to find a professional moving company. But how? There are so many movers around and it is hard to find the best moving company for your upcoming move. No worries, My Moving Cost Team is always ready to help you to find a reputable moving company. After you fill out our free moving form tool, only certified movers will get in touch with you and give you information regarding their
prices and services.
Hiring movers will help you a lot to relieve the moving stress. They are professional and they help hundreds of families with their relocations every year. So, handing off some tasks to the pros will help you to feel better.

4- Give yourself enough time to organise everything

Actually, having enough time to get ready for the moving day is a key for a less stressed move. No stress is not possible but when it comes to a cross country move but more time means less stress. As soon as you accept a deal from a long-distance moving company, create your own moving schedule. You may start with finding packaging materials. If you don’t want to spend a lot on packaging, you may use the old sheets or towels. You may also
visit local stores, libraries, schools to find free cardboard boxes. For more information, please read: where to find free moving boxes. A couple more tips for giving yourself enough time:

  •  Inform the utility companies about your move out day so they disconnect the services on time.
  • Make sure you pay all your bills before you move out to avoid any late payment fees.
  • Contact with the driver`s licence office and health insurance company to update your address on their systems.
  • If you are planning a garage sale, do it at least a couple of weeks before the moving day.
Don’t ignore the moving stress and have a positive mindset

5- Take care of yourself

One of the best ways to cope with stress is to rest. When you feel tired or overwhelmed, give yourself the opportunity to sleep or just sit back to relax. Moving can be very tough on both your body and mind and if you don’t rest well, you will be burnt out easily. If you need help with your moving process, please contact with us.

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