How to Make Your Relocation Hassle-Free?

Moving out can be physically, emotionally and financially difficult. You may move just across the street or to another province, this is not going to be %100 stress free. But if you get prepared in advance, your relocation will be hassle-free. 

Start with researching a professional moving and storage service. This is very important because this moving company will be taking the responsibility of your belongings till the final destination. First ask for an in-person estimation. If this is not an option, ask them to send you their weight calculation sheet and fill it out. This will give you an idea about the estimated weight of your goods. Most movers carry stuff by weight so knowing the approximate weight of your goods will prevent to have any price surprises you may have at the end.

How to make your relocation hassle-free

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Do not pack your valuable items and important documents in the moving truck. Pack them separately and take them with you.

Before moving in to your new house, set up utilities (power, internet, gas, water…etc.). Also, do not forget to change address information on your financial institutions.

If you need further assistance for your upcoming move, please contact us.

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