How To Reduce Moving Cost?

Yes, relocation is stressful and pretty expensive but there are ways to reduce the cost of your moving. My Moving Cost Team gathered some useful information regarding how to reduce moving cost.

  • Probably the most important way to reduce your moving cost is to hire affordable movers. There are many professional moving companies around and probably none of them offer the same price for their services. In this case, we highly recommend you to compare at least 5 movers. Visit our website, fill out the form and wait. Five of our certified moving company partners will get in touch with you. They will give you information regarding their moving rates and services.
  • Booking your move in advance will help a lot to reduce your moving cost. When you finalize your search and find the best moving company for your upcoming move, there is no need to wait more. Just go ahead and make your reservation. Especially if you are planning to move in summer and wait till last minute, you may not be able to book your move. Because summer is the peak of the moving season.
How to reduce moving cost
  • If you want to reduce your moving cost, don’t pay professional movers and packers to pack up your belongings. Do it yourself! When you make a good moving plan in advance, you will have enough time to complete the packing job.
  • When it comes to saving, small details matter. For example, you can save a good amount of money on packing supplies. Cardboard boxes will be the biggest packing expense. And there are many ways to find free boxes. You can ask your friends and family if they have any boxes they don’t need. Another way to find free boxes is doing a tour around the local businesses such as grocery stores or restaurants. Also, you can save on packing supplies if you use your towels, blankets or some thick pieces of clothing.
  • Selling unwanted items will add cash to your moving budget. You can organise a garage sale and sell some of your belongings. Shipping smaller shipment will reduce the moving price but also you will on packing materials.
garage sale
  •  You might be eligible for tax deduction. If you are moving for work purpose, you may claim your moving expenses as a deduction when you are filling out your tax return.

If you need any help with your upcoming move or if you need any further information regarding how to reduce moving cost, please contact with My Moving Cost Team.

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