I Have a Small Shipment: Should I Hire Movers or Do It Myself?

Most of the moving and storage services consider shipments under 2000lbs as small shipments. For example, you are a student and rented a room close to your college or you are moving your studio apartment just down the street. Before we give you information regarding moving small shipments, we would like to let you know that the price calculation for a small shipment might be different than a shipment 2000lbs and over. So, you better ask your moving company for a written price estimation for a small shipment.

Should I Hire Movers or Do It Myself

Ways to move small shipments

Hiring only movers (labour): If you think it is unnecessary to hire a full-service moving company but still need help, you may consider to contact with a moving labour company.Yes, moves happen much more efficiently when a professional moving company is involved but when it comes to a small shipment, you do not necessarily need to hire a full-service moving company.
Renting a moving truck or trailer: Small moves can be handled using a small moving truck or a trailer. You can move a studio to a small two-bedroom size apartment with a small moving truck. If you are also interested in renting moving equipment, you should definitely consider renting a small moving truck or a trailer.
Shipping items with a mail courier: If you only have small items that fit in cardboard boxes or plastic bins, you can consider sending your belongings via mail couriers such as Canada Post, UPS or FedEx. If you choose this way, you should get information regarding the courier company`s rules and restrictions.

Ways to move small shipments

If you have a tight budget and you are willing to save money on moving, hiring a full-service moving company is not the right option for you. But if you don’t have any budget issues and also you have valuables, you can go ahead and book with a professional moving service.

If you don’t have time or energy to move your shipment yourself, there are plenty of professional moving companies to handle this for you. Fortunately, My Moving Cost Team is always ready to help you to find the best moving company according to your needs.

A couple more tips on small moves
– If you go with the DIY option:

– If you hire movers:

  •  Try to manage your schedule and move on a weekday. Because weekdays are always cheaper than weekends.
  • Do not make any arrangements with the first moving company you contact with. To avoid any issues, compare at least a couple of moving quotes. Get information regarding the prices and services from multiple moving companies. Also, please don’t forget to ask for a price match. Because most of the moving services offer price match to get the job.
  • Are you eligible for a discount?If you are a senior, student, military member…etc. you might be eligible for a discount.

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