Is it Better to Take Every Single Item or Downsizing Before Moving Out?

There are so many ways to have a hassle-free moving experience and downsizing is definitely one of them. You might be moving across the street or to the other part of the country, downsizing will help you to save time and save money. You will go through every single item while packing anyways so you better make an inventory to see what you really need and what not. 

Now, if you are moving to a smaller place, it is even more important to decide what is coming with you and what is staying.

downsizing before moving out

Downsizing before moving out: separate items in categories

Downsizing before moving out doesn’t mean to throw things away. There are different ways to evaluate items even if you don’t need them anymore.

Before you start, make 5 different categories;

  • Keep: These goods that are coming with you.
  • Donate: Good condition stuff but you don’t want them anymore.
  • Junk- recycle: Garbage
  • Sell: Good condition items and you want to make some profit.
  • Not sure: Probably this will be the longest list

Make an Inventory List

downsizing in canada

If You Didn’t Use It in 2 Years, Then You Don’t Need It Anymore

When you check your items, you will find so many things you don’t even remember. These might be gifts that you didn’t use at all or clothes just sitting in your closet for years. Or you are keeping it because you think you might use it one day. All these stuff must go into your donate or sell categories. And its quantity can downsize before moving out

If You Don’t Have Enough Room in Your New Home, Just Leave It

You are moving in a new home but cutting back on square feet or having less number of rooms, you should definitely get rid of some of your items. 

Make People Happy

Do you really need five different coats in the same colour? Eight blankets or three water boilers? If you are keeping more than what you need and saying “just in case if I need it”, just put them into the donation pile. We should never forget that there are so many people that need help desperately. 

moving out and donation

Either you are planning a local move or a long distance move, downsizing before moving out will help you to save money and time.

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