Moving to Vancouver, BC

If you are considering moving to Vancouver, BC and searching for some information
about the city, just keep reading…My Moving Cost Team gathered very helpful
information for you.
Vancouver, BC is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and there are so many
lucky people to call it home. Relocating is not an easy process but this amazing city
totally worth it.

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So many amazing schools

If you are a parent and moving to Vancouver with your family, you have the choice of putting your children into both public school and private school. The public schools go by the neighbourhood. So many parents choose where to live based on the school they want their kids to go. For higher education, there are so many schools such as University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Film School and so many other colleges.

school in vancuver

Vancouver is a shopping paradise

If you are a shopping lover, this city is a perfect place for you. There are so many shopping centers, nice boutiques, second hand stores…etc. the best areas for shopping are:

  • Downtown: You will definitely find everything you need. There are so many options from A brand to no name brands.
  • Commercial Drive: Again, there are so many stores here too. And also, you can see small markets here where you can find Middle Eastern food to European food.
  • Public Market-Granville Island: An amazing place to see. This market was opened in 1978 and it is always busy. You can find many different kinds of fruit, vegetable, seafood, unique and handmade gifts.

Warmer weather compared to other Canadian cities

You are planning to move to Canada and don’t like cold weather, you should definitely consider relocating to Vancouver. The weather is mild and there are technically four seasons. Yes, December or January are colder than July but still warmer than some other parts of Canada such as Regina, Toronto, Winnipeg…etc.

weather vancuver

– Winter: There are so many events in winter such as snowboarding, cross-country skiing, tubing, skating. Outdoor activities start early December and goes till March.
– Summer: There are so many beaches to enjoy hot days in Vancouver; Kitsilano, English Bay, Jericho, Stanley Park, Locarno… if you like camping, moving to Vancouver is a good idea for you. You can go for camping to Rolley Lake, Alice Lake, Golden Ears Provincial Park…

– Fall: Vancouver is very beautiful in fall. All the leaves turn into a reddish colour and fall on the ground. Many people decorate their houses for this season and the city looks amazing.
– Spring: Beautiful cherry blossom-lined streets, nice scent of flowers, warm weather… Probably the best time of the year in Vancouver.

Many professional full-service moving services

You made a decision and moving to Vancouver, BC and need help to find professional movers in Vancouver. My Moving Cost Team is more than happy to help you. If you fill out the form below, our certified moving company partners will get in touch with you. And if you need any further information, please contact us directly: 1-844-244-0144 / [email protected].

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