Packing Tips… Don`t Start Packing Before You Read This

Moving day will be here faster than you think! And the key of a smooth move is the preparation. Packing may sound easy but it usually takes more than we expect. Here are a couple of packing tips that will save you time:

  • Get rid of junk: You are moving to a new place and it`s a new life for you and your loved ones. Start fresh and get rid of the stuff that are old or you don`t need anymore or didn`t use for a while.
  • Be well organized: You are moving soon and don’t know where to start preparation. There are so many items all around. This might be a little annoying but don’t worry. Move forward step by step. Making a list of what you will be taking with you to your new place is the first step. Categorize your list and write down the items room by room. This will help you save time during unpacking.
  • Labeling: Put same kind of items in one box. As an example; put the dishes in one box then label it like ” kitchen- dishes” or put your books together in one box and label it “living room- books”. When movers unload the truck, you will guide them what box goes where. It will also save you time during unpacking.
  • Don’t be shy to buy packing materials: For a safe transportation, packing materials are extremely important. First of all, you should know which packing material is good for which item. You will need packing papers and bubble wraps for fragile items, mattress bags for your mattress and box spring, wardrobe boxes for jackets/shirts, tapes and a lot of cardboard boxes and plastic containers…
safety moving

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  • Last on first off items: This one totally depends on what you will need first at your new place. Ask movers to load those items last then they will be unloaded first and you will not spend time to look for stuff that you need the most.
  • Give yourself enough time for packing: Most of the time packing takes longer than we think so don’t start packing just a couple of days before the moving day.

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