What Are The Price Factors When Moving Cross Country?

The cost to hire local movers and the cost to hire cross country movers will be different. If you deal with a local moving company, they will charge you on an hourly basis. If you deal with a long-distance moving company, there are many factors to affect the final moving bill.
My Moving Cost Team gathered some helpful information regarding the price factors when moving cross country.

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Shipment Weight

Total weight of your belongings is the main factor that affects the final moving bill. Because when it comes to a cross country move, moving companies charge by weight (per pound basis). Before the movers arrive your location, they go to a certified scale and weigh the truck when it is empty. And after they load the truck with your household goods, they go to the certified scale again and this time, they weigh the full truck. Calculation is pretty simple; the weight difference between full truck and empty truck gives you the total weight of your goods.

Special Items

Special item handling is another factor that affects the cost to hire movers. Here are some
examples of special items:

  • Pool table
  • Piano
  • Hot tub
  • Antique furniture

It is very important to show or mention your special items to the moving company before the moving day. Because special item handling fees may significantly increase the total amount.

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Extra Services

You might need more help than you think during the moving process. In other words, you might need extra services.
– Storage fee usually applies when you are not ready to receive your items. Most of the movers offer a couple of weeks free storage but then they charge weekly to store your shipment.

– Re-delivery fee applies when the movers take your belongings from their storage to your new place. This fee includes loading-unloading the moving truck at the storage and the labour fee and the amount depends on the moving company.
– Long carry fee usually applies when the parking lot is not available or the movers can`t park close to the main door. To prevent this situation, you should reserve a parking lot or arrange a parking permit for the best spot.
– Extra stop charge applies when you require multiple pick up or drop off locations.

Moving Cost Saving Methods

As we mentioned above, cross country moving companies charge by the weight of your belongings. So, don’t hesitate to get rid of unwanted items. The less stuff you have the more money you will save. Another moving cost saving method is packing up your items by yourself. Make a packing plan ahead of time, do your best and finish the packing job as much as possible. Just leave special items to the professional movers. Negotiating the total cost with the moving company is another way to reduce the final moving cost. Don’t forget; most of the movers want your business so they may be able to reduce the price to meet your relocation budget.

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