Why Do You Need A Moving Essentials Bag?

Let`s start with the description of a moving essentials bag: It is a bag (backpack, a small suitcase, duffle bag…etc) with your personal belongings you will need on the moving day and probably a couple more days after the moving day. Some of your personal belongings that go into your essentials bag are:

  • Medications: You should take any of the medication you regularly use. Especially the prescription medications are very important because you can`t replace them with the over the counter medication. We highly recommend you to take at least a couple of weeks’ worth of medication.
  •  Electronics: Technology is an important part of our lives. We all use cell phones, laptops, tablets…etc. on a daily basis. So, when we are relocating, we need all these electronics and their chargers.
  • Wallet and Keys: It is pretty easy to lose your wallet and keys especially if you are in a moving process. So, it is better you to put your wallet and keys in your essentials bag as soon as you start preparing one.
  • Documents: Actually, this category is very important because most of the documents are difficult to replace and it takes a long time. Here are some of the documents you should take with you during your move; birth certificates, banking documents, cheques, identification cards, passports and also you should take any kind of move-related documents such as your moving contract with your moving company.
  •  Toiletries: For personal hygiene, don’t forget to pack up your toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, deodorant, hand sanitizer and a roll of toilet paper.
Why Do You Need A Moving Essentials Bag?
  •  A pair of pajamas and a couple of clothes: You should have an easy access to some of your clothes the first couple of days after you relocate. A pair of pajamas, a t-shirt, underwear, a couple pair of socks will help a lot especially on the moving day.If you are moving locally, a small moving essentials bag will be good enough for you. But if you are moving cross country, you will definitely need a bigger bag. The size of the essentials bag totally depends on the distance you are moving to.

Don’t forget your kids

If you are moving with your kids, you should prepare a separate essentials bag for your kids. This bag must include their medication, their toiletries, diapers, wipes, extra bags for the dirty diapers and wipes, snacks, water, juices, their favourite toys, first-aid-kit.

As soon as you are done with packing your essentials bag, put it in your car. If you leave the bag somewhere in the movers` sight, it may end up getting loaded on the moving truck.

Don’t forget your kids

Are You Moving Soon?

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