You Are Ready For a Cross Country Move, but…

Avoid these mistakes

  • You have decided and ready to relocate across the country. At this point, the most important thing to do is to hire the right moving company. House moving is costly and stressful enough so don’t make is worse. First, find at least 5 movers and compare their prices and services. Let them know everything about your stuff. Ask for an in-home estimation if possible and give information regarding the place that you are moving in. There are so many professional moving companies and finding one of them will save you money and time. And don’t forget to ask for references or check their online reviews.
  • You did your research and received information from different house movers. Make sure you have all the info in writing and keep it till you complete your relocation.
moving without issue

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  • After choosing the right moving company, don’t forget to take a copy of your bill of landing which is the written estimate. This is a documented evidence you may need in the future.
  • Take the measurements of your items! Can you get the couch up to stairs or does your bed fit in the new bedroom?
  • You are searching the cheapest moving and storage service but spending a lot of money on packing supplies doesn’t make any sense. Rather than using new boxes and packing materials, ask for boxes to grocery stores and use old towels, sheets, cloths and newspaper for wrapping.
  • Relocation is a tax-deductible event so keep receipts to maximize your deduction.

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