• It`s important to be well organized when you are moving. So, you can start with making a list of the items you are taking with you. Different sections for each part of your home is a great way. For example; write down all the kitchen items together on one section and livingroom items together on another section.


  • Take notes on your list for items that need special handling such as glass tops, marble tops, mirrors, TV, electronic devices…etc.


  • Heavy item- Small box: It`s much easier to carry heavy items in small boxes.


  • Light item- Large box: Save your large boxes for items that are light in weight but difficult to carry on their own.


  • Label your boxes: After you are done packing, write down simple notes on each item. So then you will know what`s in in it and which room it goes in. This will make unpacking faster and easier.


  • Finish packing at least 2 days before the moving day. Make sure everything is ready to go.


  • You are moving to a new place so it`s a new life for you. Get rid of the old, useless, junk items. And the ones you don’t want any more or didn’t use for a while. This will help you to have more space and pay less since most of the movers charge according to the actual weight of your shipment.


  • Be aware of the items movers are not allowed to carry such as:


– Hazardous materials

– Perishable items

– Plants

– Pets

– Explosives

– Valuables (Jewelry, cash, chequebooks, credit cards, personal and financial documents, medicine…etc.)


  • Communication is important. Make sure you provide your new contact information to your moving coordinator.