How to Avoid Extra Moving Service Fees?

Additional moving services can save you time but it also greatly increases the total amount of your moving cost. If you want to keep your relocation expenses low, you should do some of the work yourself. Here are some tips about how to avoid extra moving services fees.

Handle your appliances yourself

This may sound difficult but it is a pretty easy task. You should take pictures of the cables and the cords of the appliances before you disconnect them. So, it will be very easy to hook them up at your final destination.
If you ask movers for an appliance service, they will certainly do it but you will have to pay extra.

Avoid separate pick-up and delivery locations

Separate pick-up and delivery locations will cost you extra. So, if you have a chance to put all of your shipment together at one location, you will save at the end of your move.

Packing & Unpacking

All of us would like to go with the best moving company in Canada and most of us prefer the cheapest moving company. But it is little hard to find the best cheapest mover. So, you should figure out what your first priority is. If it is the budget, you should do the packing and unpacking as much as you can. You will spend a dedicate amount of time and effort but you will also save a good amount of money. The other advantage of doing your own packing is, you will pack your goods the way you want.

Avoid separate pick-up and delivery locations

Elevator fee

If you are moving from/to an upper floor apartment, we recommend you to book the elevator. Otherwise, movers will charge you elevator fee. This is calculated according to the floor you are moving in/out. So, don’t forget to book the elevator for the time of your move.

Long carry charge

During the loading-unloading process, moving truck must be as close as possible to your place. If there is not an available parking spot close to your house and if the movers are supposed to carry your items more than 50 feet, you will be charged a long carry fee. The amount of this fee depends on the distance.
To avoid this fee, you should reserve a parking spot before the movers arrive.

Making your relocation plans very carefully is important. Before you hire a moving company, you must decide what extra services you may need. And during the process of comparing the moving services, you should mention all of the additional services you require. Discussing every single detail with your movers and giving them information regarding the extra services you need will save you time and money.

If you need any further information regarding how to avoid extra moving services fee, please contact with My Moving Cost Team.

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