Moving Across Canada and Hidden Costs

You should be prepared for any surprise charges when moving across Canada. At this point, doing your homework is very important. 

First of all, when you deal with relocation companies, you must ask some specific questions. For example: ” Do you charge by weight or per hour? “. If they charge by weight, the next question to be asked is if they have an inspector for an in-home estimation. Most of the time, the inspectors give a more accurate estimation so you can manage your budget. 

Also, do not forget to ask the location of the scale and proof of weight which is also called scale ticket. This is important because there are so many professional moving companies around but unfortunately not every mover is transparent. Also, being present at the scale is a really good idea.

If the relocation company is charging by hour, it`s important to know how many movers they are going to send and if the travel hours will be included in the total bill or not.

hidden costs

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Either you are moving from Vancouver to Toronto or Montreal to Calgary, you may need storage. So, make sure that you get information regarding the storage service from your moving company. Please be informed that most of the moving services provide 5 weeks free storage in Canada.

Another extra charge to consider is temporary accommodations. There might be delay in delivery of your items due to some unexpected situations such as road conditions or weather conditions. In this case, you may need to stay at a hotel longer than what you have planned.

Finally; old household goods. If your items don’t have any memories for you, just get rid of them. Because most of the time, buying new items is cheaper than shipping them across country.

If you have any questions, we are here to help.

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