Moving Tips For a Stress-free Move

A high-quality moving company

A stress-free move always involves a high-quality moving company. This doesn`t mean you will have to spend a lot to have a smooth moving experience. There are always moving companies in Canada that offer both high-quality service and affordable price. Your movers should offer you a full transparency when it comes to the charges and their services. They must be able to answer every single question you may have and provide every service you may need. And the moving company you hire should inform you about all the extra services and charges up-front so you don’t have any surprises at the end.

non stress moving

Do your movers know what to expect?

When you hire professional movers, you are supposed to mention every single detail of your household goods. If you have heavy items or fragile items, the moving company must know about it so, they will be prepared to handle everything properly.

Moving on a weekday is a better option

  • Moving on a weekday is definitely cheaper. Most moving companies offer better rates during the week because they are not as busy as the weekends. Also, moving on a weekday will not be busy as the weekends.
  • Have kids? If yes and if you are moving during school season, a weekday move will give you the chance to handle the process faster. Don’t forget, the fewer people in the home is the better.
  • Most of the neighbours will be at work. This means, while moving in or moving out, the streets will be cleared and it will be easier for the movers to find a parking lot.
    Also, especially if you are moving in/out an apartment unit, the stairs and elevators will be more available.
  •  As long as you manage the rush hour, there will be definitely less traffic during the day. So, try to plan your move for late morning and finish unloading before 5:00 pm.

Get rid of unwanted items

There are many ways to get rid of unwanted items:

  1. You can host a garage sale. While you get rid of extra items, you make some profit. Doesn’t it sound awesome?
  2. Try contacting non-profits to pick up your extra items for free.
  3. You can give some items to your family and friends.

Make travel arrangements in advance

You figured out how to move your items and now it`s your turn! Either you are planning to drive to the final destination or take a flight, you should plan ahead of time not to have any last-minute surprises.

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