Moving to Toronto, ON

Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It`s population is around 3 million. There are so many
people say this city never sleeps. It is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. There
are so many reasons to relocate to Toronto. If you have any plans on moving to Toronto,
ON, continue reading…

toronto moving


Toronto is a financial and industrial center

Toronto is extremely important to Canada`s economy. Headquarters of five major banks in
Canada are located in Toronto. Also, GTA`s wealth of raw materials makes Toronto an
important centre of industry. Moving to Toronto is a great idea because this city is also a
world leader in areas such as entertainment, technology and culture.

Toronto is a multicultural city

Toronto is the most multicultural city with over 150 nationalities according to BBC. Around
%10 of its population is immigrants. And the nice thing is respect. Everyone is very
respectful to each other`s life style.

Saint Lawrence Market

Toronto has fantastic restaurants and food. Saint Lawrence Market was chosen the best
food market in the world by Vogue Magazine and National Geographic. If you are moving to
Toronto and a food fanatic, you are very lucky.

st louren market

Low crime rate

Toronto is one of the safest cities in the world. It is also the safest big city in North America.
God news is, crime rate keeps falling for years. if you want to relocate to a major city with
your family, Toronto must be on the top of your list.


Toronto has excellent schools. If you are moving to Toronto with your kids and have
concerns regarding their education, don’t worry, Toronto has you covered. Also, education
sector in Toronto has more than 100,000 employees.
Finally, University of Toronto is the top ranked research university in the world! Isn’t is


Are you a sporty person? If yes, Toronto is a great city for you to live. This city has both
professional sports teams and amateur and college level teams. Here are some teams in

– Toronto Argonauts (football team)
– Toronto Raptors (basketball team)
– Toronto Maple Leafs (hockey team)
– Toronto Blue Jays (baseball team)

toronto maple leaf


Expensive housing

If you are planning to move to Toronto and buy a new house, you should definitely spend a
good amount of money. According to Toronto Real Estate Board, in 2023, the cost of a
detached home has increased to $1.40 million. Renting is a cheaper option but still
expensive. One bedroom apartment or condo rents start from $1200/mo.

Not a good option for nature lovers

If you are a nature lover, Toronto is not the best place for you to live. There are still nice
parks, lakes, climbing rocks…etc. But, if you like greenspace, Toronto might not be a good
option for you.

Traffic in Toronto

Public transportation is amazing in this city but still, there are so many people driving

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